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Aram Vidal


Dance Film

Three ways to love, three ways to dance, and a whole universe of sensations to celebrate our human form.

Bubbles Beat (2012).jpg

A group of young Americans reflect on their generation and the spirit of an era marked by disenchantment and apathy.

El pez azul (2017).jpg

After leaving Cuba, Ernesto try to put the past behind him, including the love of his life.

RECURSIVO (2012).jpg

Two women wake up in a strange room. They have no idea how they got there, nor do they recognize each other. Worse still, they seem to be trapped in a dead-end room.

- raizal poster.jpg

Two years after Hurricane Iota destroyed most of the island of Providencia, the Raizal community is rebuilding, seeking to preserve its territory and its culture.

RELEVO (2014).jpg

A woman takes her boyfriend in a wheelchair to a picnic. She will do everything to make him happy before the next morning arrives.

GATO (2016).jpg

In a psychiatric asylum, a patient tries to remember the events that led him there. Recovery becomes hard as reality and fantasy mingle.

De Generación (2006).jpg

A group of young Cubans express their contradictions with the political project builded by their elders.

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Award-winning director, born in Havana

and based in Mexico City.

He attended workshops at the international film school of San Antonio de los Baños (EICTV), including the workshop "How to tell a story" by Gabriel García Márquez. 

His films have been awarded and screened at several film festivals like Havana Film Festival (Documentary Award), Cannes- Entr'2 Marches (Best Fiction Script award), Santiago Alvarez International Festival (Documentary Award), Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival, Gothenburg Festival, New York Film Week, Amsterdam Film Festival, Miami Independent Film Festival and Rhode Island Film Festival.

He has directed documentaries and fiction in several countries such as Mexico, Tanzania, Colombia, US, Dominican Republic, Cuba & Bolivia. His documentaries are mainly focused on social and environmental issues, which has led him to collaborate with various international organizations.

His fictions short films Recursive (2011), Relief (2013) and Cat (2016), originally scripted, explore the thriller genre, with an emphasis on dream representation.  


Vidal has also worked as a screenwriter and director in genres such as animation, dance films and advertising. 

Aram (Tanzania).jpg

Main Filmography

Water and Salt (2023) Dance Film

Raizal (2023) Documentary

Nature-based solutions: Tanzania (2022) Documentary

World we want (2020- 2021) Documentary series

Living Treasure (2019) Documentary

The blue fish (2017) Short film

Cat (2016) Short film

Dog shelters (2014) Documentary

Relief (2013) Short film

Aztec Dance (2012) Documentary

Recursive (2011) Short film

Mexico in the era of connectivity (2011) Documentary

Bubbles Beat (2010) Documentary

Ex-generation (2009) Documentary

XXXX years later (2008) Documentary

Degeneration (2007) Documentary

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