Writer and Director.

Director of documentaries and short films awarded in several film festivals. He has worked in television and production companies in Mexico, Cuba & the United States. His work is mainly focused on social and environmental issues.

Among his outstanding works are the documentaries Ex generación (2010) and De Generación (2007), considered one of the top five documentaries of the year in Cuba by the Film Press; and the fiction short films El pez azul (2017) and Relevo (2013), first award for fiction screenplay at the Entr'2 Marches Festival in Cannes.

He currently lives and works in Mexico.

Film festivals & awards

2019. Meraki Film Festival.

2019. Capital Filmmakers Budapest.

2019. Sagomoso Festival, Bogota.

2018. Capital Filmmakers Lisbon.

2018. Amsterdam Manifesto Film Festival.

2017. Miami Independent Film Festival, USA.

2017. Los Angeles Cinefest, USA.

2017. Global Film Festival, Virginia, USA.

2016. New York Film Week, USA.

2016. Postmortem Film Festival, Mexico.

2016. Elche International Film Festival, Spain.

2016. New Filmmakers Exhibition, Cuba.

2014. Isles du munde Festival, Tahiti.

2014. Cinemafest, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

2013. Entr'2 Marches Festival, Cannes. Best short film script.

2013. Tracce Film Festival, Italy.

2013. Entr'2 Marches, Cannes.

2012. Brownstone Foundation Documentary Award. Havana Film Festival.

2011. Winner. FONCA Artistic Residency, Mexico. Fiction project.

2010. Winner. Artistic residency, W&M University, Virginia. Documentary project.

2010. Exhibition of New Filmmakers, Cuba.

2008. International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, Cuba.

2008. Festival of the Peoples of the South, Venezuela.

2008. FICCU, Germany.

2008. Winner. FONCA Artistic Residency, Mexico. Documentary project.

2008. AHS Documentary Award, Cuba.

2008. FONCA Artistic Residency, Mexico. Santiago Álvarez in memoriam International Festival, Cuba. Documentary Award.

2007. FIPRESCI Award: among the five best documentaries released in Cuba in the year.

2007. Clermont-Ferrand Festival, France.

2007. Gothenburg Festival, Sweden.

2007. Palmas de Canarias Festival, Spain.

2007. Rhode Island Festival, USA.

2007. First documentary award. National Exhibition of New Filmmakers, Cuba.


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