Aram Vidal. 

Born in Havana, Cuba. 
He began his career as a writer, obtaining several awards in Cuba, such as Pinos Nuevos Award (2007), David Award (2004) and Coral Horse Award (2002). In 2006 he was chosen by Gabriel García Márquez along with other participants of the workshop "Cómo se cuenta un cuento" for the development of the feature script "Destinos a la carta".
His first projects as a director were in the documentary genre. One of his first documentaries, "De Generación" (2007), won the first documentary award at the Havana film festival and was official selection at several film festivals around the world.

In 2009 he won the art residency of FONCA in Mexico, which led him to produce the film "Ex Generation" focused on the theme of Cuban migration.
In 2010 he won an art residency at the Swem Media Center in Virginia, producing the documentary "Bubbles Beat", filmed in New York City, San Diego, Miami and Washington DC. The documentary, focused on American youth, won the first prize of the Brownstone Foundation and the Ludwing Foundation.
"Recursivo" (2012) was his first short film and started the trilogy "Fables of mind", completed by the short films "Gato" (2016) and "Relevo" (2013). The latter won the best script award at the Entry 2 Marches festival in Cannes.

He currently lives and works in Mexico.


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