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Claudia, a 30-year-old woman with an abusive past, lives locked in her apartment. She has a blog where she preaches her hatred towards men, while wearing a mask that covers her identity. Suddenly she finds out that one of her neighbors, Pablo (35 years old), films her and follows her everywhere.
Claudia decides to act, for fear of been victim to this voyeur. She lures him to her apartment where she kidnaps him. Then Claudia applies various punishments to Pablo while she broadcasts everything on her channel, which is joined by millions of female followers who are also mad at men.
As the police investigate Pablo's disappearance, Claudia tries to hide her secret, while sinking into a spiral of revenge that attracts darker people than herself. Eventually, Claudia will understand the consequences of her actions and will try to put a stop to it, but first, she will have to commit the most difficult act of her life.



Reflecting the crisis of gender-based violence in the contemporary world, this story illustrates the extreme consequences that can result when we adopt hatred and vengeance as our banner. It is a warning of the danger we face when we nurture the worst emotions within ourselves.


Length: 90 minutes
Genre: Thriller
Language: English
Shooting format: Digital 4K
Aspect Ratio: 2:39: 1
Screening format: DCP
Target audience: +16 years old
Budget: 1,000,000 USD


Underground Sky will explore the characters from the inside, revealing the filters through which they see the world and create their identity. 
Each location is an internal space, a reflection of Claudia and Pablo's alienation, and their self-identification with pain and hatred.

The film will have a Neo-Noir aesthetic. Colors far from nature predominate.
It will be shot in an Aspect Ratio of 2:39:1 (12:5).
Primarily wide-angle lenses will be used for most of the footage.